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TCM techniques

It involves inserting very fine needles into the skin. Current technology has managed to manufacture extremely thin needles that only cause a gentle sensation when inserted.

acupuncture needles

After inserting acupuncture needles into the skin, these are connected to a device that generates electrical pulses that continuously stimulates acupuncture points.


Acupuncture needles are placed in the ear, which acts as a reflexologic board (it reflects and acts on every organ and part of the body). With this technique it is possible to treat many ailments and types of pain. It is similar to body acupuncture with the difference that needles are only placed on the ear.

The heat produced by the combustion of the plant Mugwort is applied in acupuncture points. Usually it is practiced using mugwort rolls that are held at 2-3 cm of height above the acupuncture point and produce a nice warm feeling.


A technique present in many traditions, it is also widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cupping can be used to tonify a part of the body (or an acupuncture point) or to clear an excess (like a muscle spasm). Usually cupping is used in the back, because among other things they are specially effective in improving back pain.

Auriculopressure (with seeds)
It involves the use of points in the ear with therapeutic purposes. These auricular points are stimulated using a small seed that is maintained into position with a sticking plaster. Once in place, the patient goes home and stimulates (puts some pressure) several times a day on the seeds to stimulate the affected area of the body. It is a very easy and comfortable form of treatment, it achieves good results, and it requires very little time in the practice of the acupuncturist.

Chinese pharmacopoeia
It is the administration of compounds of different plants, designed and experimented during thousands of years in China.

We study the person's diet, and from the point of view of TCM we offer dietary advices to assist the healing with the food we eat everyday. Once the person is healed, dietary guidelines are used to maintain this balance without external help.

It is a technique in which the practitioner uses his/her hands to place pressure in the appropriate acupuncture points. You could say that it is like acupuncture but without needles, thus it is specially suited for people who do not like or are too fearful of needles. It is also used for little children that can not receive acupuncture because they can't stay still. In this case, we treat the child in our practice and we teach his/her parents how to apply pressure to acupuncture points so that they can practice at home.

Tuina massage
This is the massage used in TCM, and takes into account all the meridians and acupuncture points of the body, easing the flow of energy throughout the entire organism. Some of the treatment techniques are acupressure (pressure on acupuncture points), dredging along the meridian, combinations of pressures and manipulations, etc.

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