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Maintaining the Equilibrium
Acupuncture and Osteopathy
Iñigo García Ruiz
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Maintenance of the Equilibrium

Besides helping the organism to heal when it is out of balance, we focus on the preservation of health. Thus we offer advice to change some of the living habits not to commit the same errors that have caused the present imbalance.

This is a tool to empower the person to take charge of his life using the daily habits, and to free him from having to depend on a therapist to stay healthy.

The advice we provide focuses mainly on food choices, the need of an adequate rest, physical activity, or relaxation techniques. Of course, these recommendations are completely personal and are adapted to the nature and state of each and every person.

And as an extra benefit to the treatment that the person is following, we offer a primary health assistance of acupuncture, free of charge, in cases like: cold, flu, otitis, acute sprains of any type... etc. to enable the person to recover his health as soon as possible, but without using drugs that can harm the health in the long (and not so long) run.

During the treatment we also explain simple techniques (normally using moxibustion and acupressure) to the patient that he himself (or another person close to him) can practice at home to make the treatment faster and more effective.