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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest medicines of civilization, whose most known technique (but not the only one) is acupuncture.

TCM stimulates de self-healing and re-balancing power of the organism in a non-aggressive way without toxic side effects, so frequent when pharmaceutical drugs are used.

This way it is able to obtain excellent results in conditions in which western medicine does not have any other resources than to offer palliative remedies, without tackling the real problem. Its main goal is to maintain health, and it has the resources to detect (and correct) imbalances before these evolve into a full-blown illness.

We diagnose according to the principles of TCM, taking into account the condition of the body and the mind of the person, including all his conditions and symptoms, present and past, to treat them within a global perspective.

This therapy has proven to be effective for several millennia, since the time of ancient China to the newest and most modern investigations.